Rukh : 2017 Dramatic Thriller

Credit: CineHutch

Spoilers? No

Release Date: 27th Oct 2017

CineHutch Rating: 7/10

Rukh in Hindi means Attitude.

The cinematic experience of this movie navigates through the attitude of Dhruv (son of Mr. Divakar). Rukh is directed by debutant director Atanu Mukherjee and includes Manoj Bajpayee, Smita Tambe, Kumud Mishra and Adarsh Gourav in lead roles.

Rukh unhides the attitude of Dhruv(played by Adarsh Gourav) after his father's death. It is the journey in the self and being curious and obsessed to uncover the reason for his father's death. And when he finds that out, He is shivering down the spine and had no words.


With only 2 songs in the movie album, it focuses more on the story and the song lyrics also defines the character's thought and personality.

Please give some time in the first half to put the background and start the story. then I promise that your time will be worth it.

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